Posted on Jun 17, 2019

Fix & Flip Funding - Hard Money Atlanta

Know your price range for purchasing a home, making any repairs, completing renovation projects, and selling it before you seal the deal. Clients will want someone they can trust, someone who will give them the home of their dreams and that can only happen if they see you as that person. House flipping is the process of purchasing distressed, foreclosed, or otherwise desirably priced property with the intent to sell at a higher price within a short period of time.

House flipping is when a real estate investor buys houses and then sells them for a profit. This specially holds true with the house flipping industry where one buys a property, renovates it then sell it. Here are some tips that will get you started in the right path: Create an effective image of yourself and be consistent with it.

Know your potential clients. House flipping can be a very exciting career. It’s always better to spot problems on the front end than be surprised down the road. This is also the best way to get your financial funding when you are just starting. House flipping is, essentially, buying a house or property with the intent to sell it for a profit.
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