Posted on Jun 17, 2019

Fix & Flip Funding - Hard Money Atlanta

Fixing up and flipping a house can be a risky prospect, especially in a flat real-estate market.
Done the right way, a house flip can be a great investment. Don’t let this stop you but instead challenge yourself to be more confident and connect with more people.

Let us take a closer look at the top three reasons why a fix and flip loan is way better compared to other funding sources: Faster closing and fund availability Fix and flip loans can provide the borrower a quicker close time compared to traditional bank loans.

Most of those who are starting their house flipping business will need to find where they will get their funds.

There are several important elements you have to know and consider to start the business correctly.
Who are you planning to sell these properties to and where will you find them? What are the things they want with their homes? What are their preferences? Find answers to these questions. Consider factors like your budget, what types of properties you want to work on and where you want your market to be. The more you know about your target clients the better you can come up with a real estate sales strategy.

Loans are focused on the business not the borrower Traditional loans usually look first into the credit history and the resources of the borrower. House flipping ― in which you buy a house, fix it up and resell it quickly ― isn't an easy-money highway.
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